Holey Shoet

Day 15

So before I start todays adventure, let’s step back to last night.

As I headed to dinner (with a visit to the church on the way), I saw some folks waving at me.  I was surprised and delighted to find the friends that stayed in Burgos the other night. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it were the couple from Nashville that went on with me, but apparently they went to the next town.

So we we were all seated together for dinner at the “English speaking” table. And enjoyed more laughter and fun.

Today was the second day in the meseta. A strenuous climb out of Castrojeriz, which looked like an interesting town, almost thought we should have stayed there.

Another bright, hot day – and a long one 34 kilometers (think: approaching the length of a marathon), and I did a poor job of water management compounded by 2 water fonts not working. Let’s just say I don’t want to do that again – I think I’ve taken on 5-6 liters of water since I got in just to get my system functioning again. No bueno.

Much like yesterday, not very exciting nor much to write about. I did discover on the way that a small rock apparently punctured the sole of my shoe. I bought a couple of kinds of sealer to try and fix it well enough to complete the Camino. If not, I’ll be shoe shopping in Leon – or sooner.

I walked alone most of the day, but I did see part of the group I’m calling the fellowship at lunch. It was about 8 hours of walking today plus breaks and lunch. I got an earlier start than normal (about 7:10 rather than 8-ish). So I’m kinda beat.

The hotel is nice and a great place to relax in the tub after the walk. I did go out to buy the filler/patching material and was successful. Tried to get some cash from an atm but power was out across town. Including the hotel and restaurants. Filled the hole in the shoes and hope it takes.

Went for dinner at a nearby restaurant and after eating visited for a few minutes with 4 of our friends who were in another room of the place. They will be in the same town that I am going to tomorrow, so we have tentative plans for dinner. This is the Camino, though, so who knows.

Back to the hotel, phones are on chargers and I’m going to turn in.

Easier day tomorrow, about 20 km, so even with a 7:30 breakfast I’ll be in early afternoon.