Day Zero – I walk tomorrow.

Day 0 – a rest day before I start

After a very restful night last night, no doubt aided by the Confit de Canard I had for dinner, I was up around 7 AM.  The hotel offers a breakfast starting at 0730, which I accepted this morning and likely will tomorrow.  Reception opens at 0730 each morning, which would be sufficient for me to eat and hit the trail by 8 AM. 

Tomorrow is the hard day across the Pyrenees and not much is open in town before 8 AM, so I think I’ll walk over to Carrefour for some vittles to make sure I have food along the way.  The Albergue at Orrison is reported to be open, and that should provide a nice rest stop before the steepest part of the journey.

Given how good I’m feeling today, in retrospect I might have chosen to walk to Orrison today and rested ther overnight.  But starting out even more rested tomorrow should allow me to climb the mountain and make it my hotel in Roncesvalles tomorrow in reasonable time.  If I get out by 8-8:30 AM and have some food to take with.  Don’t know what they’ll have at Carrefour, but it’s a big supermarket so I’d expect baguettes and maybe cheese (or other topping). Maybe an apple, too. 

I got my shell today and my first stamp in my Credencial del Peregrino, or Pilgrim Credential.  Daily stamps (or 2 a day later in the hike) are needed to obtain a Compostela certificate at the end.  I also learned I can get a medal after completing the hike.  The Compostela and medal are nice to receive, but the true accomplishment is the learning and friendships made along the way.

I’ll find a local bistro or brasserie for dinner tonight and turn in early.  The weather is again perfect…. And I’m hoping for the same tomorrow.

Buen Camino,