Another day dawns….

Day 12

Another day dawns over the Camino Santiago.

Today I’m up and out, joining the fellowship of the walk with the group of American (and other) folks that have become good friends on the walk as we leave Villafranca and head toward Cardenuela Riopico. It rained overnight and is drizzling this AM, so I donned the poncho and hoped I could take it off soon.  

The trail heads uphill from the hotel, the rain made it slick and muddy.  But on top it was pretty flat with a glorious pine forest.  We made good time this morning despite the weather and steep grade.  I personally feel really good walking today, perhaps the best on the trip so far.  The blisters have pretty much faded and the legs feel good, not tired or burning.

Today was a good day with what I’m calling “the fellowship”.  We made good time through the forest and down into Ages where we had lunch.  Great little place – they made fresh sandwiches while we waited.  Big sandwiches. So much that 4 were too much for the 6 of us.

After lunch and s couple of photos we were on the road again.  I bagged the place I booked for the night in Atapuerca and decided to join with the group at an albergue further down the road.  It’ll make a shorter day tomorrow.  It’s a shared room, but that’s what I would have had anyway – and I’m with my friends, so it’s much better.

I felt really good today – perhaps the best yet.  Total of 24 km.  I could have gone further.  

Dinner at the Albergue tonight for 12 Euro.  I’m sure it won’t be as good as last night, but good enough.

No laundry facilities, but there is a clothesline so hand washing and using the clothesline will do.

Weather was good walking, as much forest as farmland, with a trek over a peak with a cross monument.  This is an area with history of early mankind…. There is a museum in Burgos dedicated to that.  I’m going to go through Burgos without stopping so that will be on the list for return trip.

In fact, there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Atapuerca devoted to the archaeology of early mankind that’s been discovered there. 

I discovered some large, concentric stone circles along the Camino as it crosses a hill southwest of Atapuerca – they look ancient, but I don’t know whether they’re part of the early mankind discoveries.

Dinner was OK but nothing special.  The wine was awful.  But we had good conversation with a couple of Australians and a Korean as well as with our group.  And then there were the Italian folks having a good time at dinner.

The 5-bed shared room will only have 4 folks: two of my American friends, myself, and a Danish woman that took up the offer to take a bed in the room.  We should all get along.