Halfway There!

Day 17

The morning starts with a late breakfast – the hotel breakfast starts serving at 8 – so it will be a late start for a long day.

I slept pretty well, and continue to marvel at how nice both the hotel and restaurant were (the proprietor at tonight’s accommodations told me that even the King stays there – and I believe it).

The path is long today, nothing for 9 km and that is only a mobile kitchen, then another 7+ km to the next town.  So I really wanted something to eat before I left and thus the late breakfast.  At € 12, it was well worth it… in fact at the price I paid for room and breakfast the hotel was a real bargain.  The memories of the food and companionship at dinner last night continue to linger and bring a smile to my face.

It’ll be warm and bright today – I started off without the jacket and with sunscreen on. 

As I went down the Camino this morning, I ran across a woman from Atlanta.  We had spoken a bit a couple of towns back when we stayed in the same hotel and ate at the same dinner table.  Yet another very nice person and also a photographer.  In fact, the picture associated with this post is one Mary Pat took of me on the Camino.

Landscape-wise, there’s not much to talk about.  Farm fields with grain crops growing, a few tree lines, and little shade.  The villages are spread wide apart.  If it sounds like flyover country in the US, then I would agree with the similarity.  

Stopped for lunch at Calzadilla de la Cueza in a little bar/restaurant associated with an albergue.  Met a couple of new folks and talked about a variety of things, mostly history.

Then back on the road with the big news being that I hit the halfway point of my journey today!  Woo Hoo!

I believe that some of the folks are stopping in Calzadilla, some in Ledigos, and some in Terradillos de los Templatios (which is a former stronghold of the Templars).  And let no one be mistaken about the connection between the Templars and the Freemasons… one of the albergues in the village is the Jacques de Molay Albergue.  

I powered on, though as I had a room reserved in Moritinos.  It’s a small place, and the hotel reminds one of an old sparse highway motel except without the car traffic.  It’s quite well kept and they have a restaurant.  So it meets the purpose even if it’s not as lush as last night.

Dinner at the restaurant was nice, a group of folks asked me to join them, so we pushed the tables together. We had a good conversation about why we are here and where we’re from. A woman form San Diego and I chatted a bit after the rest of the group left, then we were off to our respective quarters (she to the Albergue, me to my room) to settle in for the night.

Tomorrow will be a very short day, less than 16 km.  Just the way the room availability worked out.  And that will be good for my feet – the new shoes are OK, but not as well cushioned as the Hokas.  Need to check for blisters.  And I’ll see if the silicone patch I applied to the Hokas worked, if so I may test them out again tomorrow.  They’re very comfortable but it’s a real disappointment that they don’t stand up so well.

Looks like I’m able upload these updates thanks to tethering through my phone. Once again I find the hotel Wi-Fi is unusable.  Glad I got the local data plan.

raw picture feed: https://photos.commbiz.com/Camino-de-Santiago-2023. But I may not update that until I can get real good hotel Wi-Fi.