Follow the yellow-marked road

Day 7

I think my body has finally accepted the fact that I’m going to do this.  Muscles aren’t particularly sore – other than the one under my right shoulder blade, and stretching helps all of them.  They only really tighten up when it gets cool/cold in the evenings as it is want to do this time of year, and because of the energy issues the hotels don’t have much heat.  I’m glad I have the fleece pants and do wish I had a fleece top (though I don’t know where I’d find the space for it… I’ve used or plan to use most things in my bag.

My friends know that my favorite country is Switzerland (despite the cost), followed closely by the former Habsburg empire countries as well as Germany, France, and the Nordic regions.  The Romantic countries have been lower on the list for whatever reason.  But I’ll say that the more time I spend in Spain, the more I am becoming affection toward it.  Love Portugal, too and hope to spend more time there in the future.

Today brings a long walk, 28 km, but that’s OK as I’m planning on a rest day tomorrow in Logrono (the capital of the Rijoa region),  good food and wine awaits, along with a hotel with a bath tub for soaking.  A couple of my new friends may also stay an extra day in Logrono, so we may join up.  And yes, the trail is marked with yellow arrows – follow them to follow the Camino. Sometimes they’re on the wall, sometimes on a marker post, and sometimes on the pavement.

After that, I am debating moving away from the standard segments and push ahead to gain an extra day which will allow another rest day in Bergos, perhaps.  But that planning is for tomorrow. 

The walk was good, but the operative word(s) would be “little shade”.  It was hot, I drank a bunch of water but still not enough, and I met up with a number of folks that I’ve met in the past.  Interesting conversation with a woman who does a number of the things I do working with entrepreneurs.

Spring has clearly sprung.  The vineyards have started growing leaves and vines, the olive trees are out, and they both have replaced the fields of yellow rapeseed (no, it wasn’t flax) making the scenery appear much different.  

Trail was good – but a long day.  I took the extra time at lunch and a rest stop to suck down a coup,e of liters of water… and it still wasn’t enough.  We managed a later dinner of ponchos on Calle Laurel with some new friends which was perfect as I had a bigger meal for lunch.  Now back in the room, wrapping up for the night.

I’ve now finished about 160 km (100 miles) meaning that I’m 1/5 of the way through the journey.

Tomorrow’s an off day.  But there will be stories, I’m sure