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William Suffa Executive Consulting

About Us
Suffa Consulting was established in 2005 by Bill Suffa. The firm provides interim executive and consulting services to business entities that are undergoing rapid growth through M&A, or businesses that need to restructure to correct underperformance.

Bill had a successful career as a top finance/strategy/operations executive with a Fortune 500 company, where he had oversight of capital development, M&A, and strategic growth functions. His work resulted in significant decrease in capital expenditures, new process controls, strategic market entries, savings through group purchasing, and restructuring following acquisitions. Bill's expertise resulted in a more than $200 million annual improvement in free cash flow for the company.

Bill's prior experience includes 4 years as an executive leading strategic development with a mid-sized growth company, starting and leading a consulting firm (including strategic acquisition of another firm) plus prior work in the regulatory environment.
We work COLLABORATIVELY with your team, meaning that we drive business success through cooperative leadership. That way, your team will "own" the results, creating PERFECT ALIGNMENT OF GOALS, and increasing long-term value and employee/customer satisfaction.

Key Finance Leader

Bill is skilled at evaluating potential acquisitions for strategic fit into your business, and most importantly, how to efficiently integrate it's operations with yours.

Key Operations Leader

Bill has extensive experience in evaluating and restructuring operations to increase efficiency, profitability, and shareholder value.