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William Suffa Executive Consulting


Consulting Services

We can assist and advise your executives on strategy, strategic decisions, M&A, capital deployment, purchasing, and operating efficiency. We can help you evaluate your situation, and help you to lead your company more effectively. Our experience spans financial, operational, and technical matters, with knowledge of sales and marketing.

We measure SUCCESS by increasing shareholder value.

Interim Executive Services

Do you need a skilled leader, with expertise leading operations and turning around business performance? Someone at the C-Level or EVP/SVP-level, that can bring about business improvements, or lead M&A/capital development deals?

Do you think you need an executive, but you're not sure about making a full-time commitment?

We can step in on an interim basis to help lead your company.

Hire me as a full-time executive

Can you use a skilled executive that is ready, willing, and able to lead your company? Someone who can help you grow... or one who can help restructure and renew your business, leading to increased shareholder value?

Take advantage of my skills and experience. Hire me as your next corporate executive.


Bill Suffa has recently worked on advisory/consulting assignments for investors making strategic decisions about entering or exiting selected industries.

Bill served as an interim executive to help structure a business and transactions, as well as raise capital, for an industry roll-up.